If you need a referral to the hospital, having seen the GP, a letter is sent electronically in almost all cases to the Referral Management Service. Letters arriving here are seen by clinicians who can determine how quickly you need to be seen. Our GPs have no influence over hospital waiting times unfortunately.

(Update Aug 2020) As part of a response to the COVID19 pandemic, the Royal Cornwall Hospital has created a new hotline to deal with queries from patients regarding waiting times.

The key aim of the hotline is to:

(a) avoid patients having to return to their GP to raise concerns or expedite care
(b) ensure there is a clear route in for enquiries where patients are concerned about their condition
© help avoid patients coming to harm whilst on a waiting list.

PLEASE NOTE: This hotline can only deal with queries for patients who have already been referred and those who are waiting for outpatient appointments or treatments.

The hotline is: 0800 035 777 or

If you prefer to be seen privately, please let the GP know and the secretary will send your referral letter directly to the consultant at his/her rooms.